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We have many projects which we run throughout the year as well as planning new ones

Fofou Village in the Gambia

needs urgent help with the construction of a Madrassa for the memorization of the holy Quran and Islamic studies with a boarding facility for orphans to be taken care of whilst learning.

​This is desperately needed because the village has no Madrassa and the people are very poor. Even for Western education, kids must walk 2km to and from the nearest school. Other smaller satellite villages surrounding Fofou are also affected by the same problems and are desperately looking forward to such a facility.

Madrassa Student Sponsorship

Ala Yaseen Charity provides quality Madrassa education to orphans and needy students from improvised families in rural villages across the Gambia and to those street children who are not attending any formal school. The poverty-driven children who belong to remote areas across the country are unable to get an education due to poverty.

​The project provides financial assistance to deprived and underprivileged children to enable them to learn and memorize the Holy Quran in a reputable Madrassa, children are also provided accommodation, feeding, play activities and good quality care in an enriching environment to build a bright future for them.

Construction of Masjids in Rural Villages

Despite being a majority Muslim country, many communities in rural Gambia lack access to places of worship where they can participate in religious activities and events and gain an Islamic education.


Livelihood Support for Women

This project aims at empowering marginalised and vulnerable women with income-generating schemes such as sewing, petty trading, gardening, poultry, livestock etc. Lack of job opportunities, cultural restrictions, inflation etc affect women and girls in rural Gambia.

​The project will contribute to improving living conditions, increasing livelihoods and ensuring sustainable solutions to reduce poverty. By providing grants to widows, single parents and girls in poor households, they will be empowered in a dignified way to start their own small businesses. It will protect the most vulnerable families and enable them to earn income to meet their daily basic needs without dependency on others.

Community Water Projects

Most rural communities situated in interior villages desperately need safe and clean drinking water for their inhabitants, livestock and home-grown horticultural gardens. In some areas, women and children travel kilometres daily to acquire water for domestic use or end up relying on unclean and unhygienic water. The unsafe water source is causing serious health issues in the village & communities like cholera or other stomach problems.


Ramadan Food Parcels & Iftar Meals

Help poor and needy families escape terrible hunger and get nutritional food during Ramadan.


Haqiqa and Sacrifice

This project will cater for over 100 boarding students studying in Madrassas of which 60% are orphans and the rest are disadvantaged students. The lamb/goat from your sacrifice will cater for the nutritional needs of boarding students and improve both their physical and mental health as well as their performance in their education

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